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Re: Auditory subscription fun movement ... was Re: FUN

Nah, keep on digging; you people just crease me up.

Matt Flax wrote:
Pierre's joke was funny because he was laughing at himself ... the joke
itself talks fondly of the way Italians and Jewish people need their
hands to talk ! Appologies to those Italians and Jews who still feel
offended ...

Actually Pierre's response was to a joke I was playing on Pierre ...
I never allowed my original response to go to the list ...
Pierre pulled my bluff and posted himself !!!

Have we all had our fun now ?


On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 08:44 +0200, Pierre Divenyi wrote:
PS: My favorite family members are Jewish.
PPS: This very old joke is probably a little more funny than those on
amputated animal legs.


PPPS: I agree that this discussion should not be part of the auditory

On 10/13/09 4:33 AM, "Matt Flax" <flatmax@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


All of a sudden, its not fun any more ...

Are you an Italian Jew ?

Am I missing a subtle connection here which doesn't make your joke
racist and antisemitic ?

Is this how you want to represent yourself in a global community ?


On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 03:40 +0200, Pierre Divenyi wrote:
I heard it as an ethnic joke: cut off the hands of an Italian or a Jew and he/she can’t talk any more.



On 10/13/09 1:05 AM, "Helen Simon" <helen@xxxxxxx> wrote:

It was the frog whose legs were cut off.  When they told him then to
jump, he did not move.  The scientific
conclusion was that if you cut off the legs of a frog, it looses its hearing.

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