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Re: Developpmental studies

Title: Re: Developpmental studies

Poppy Crum has done some recordings to frequency transitions in awake marmosets, if my memory serves me right. She can give you more info.


On 10/18/09 8:20 AM, "Tollin, Daniel" <Daniel.Tollin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Is anybody aware of any DEVELOPMENTAL neurophysiological study in awake/unanesthetized animals (any species) of any auditory phenomena?  I know of some studies of the development of evoked potentials.  I am more interested in whether there have been studies of the development of in-vivo single-unit (or even multi-unit) responses in particular auditory nuclei in awake animals.
I have not been able to find anything in my search.  I just need to confirm this.

Dan Tollin