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CV Formant transition values, ba-da-ga in french or english


I am setting up a pilot experiment on syllable speech perception using the ba, da and ga syllables.
This seems to be a recurring question, I have searched the auditory archive prior to asking and coulnd't find any answer.
Many articles have generated similar stimuli, but the information they provide in the method section is never sufficient to synthesize similar sounds, (for example only initial formant values are specified). I have been trying it out using Klatt synth or Praat but I was unsuccesful.
The online Klatt synth from Timothy Bunnel (U. Delaware) provides an example of a ba generating script, with the values of various formants and params varying in time. I am looking for similar values for the da and ga syllable. 
Ideally I would appreciate hints on how to make a ba - da - ga continuum, and optimize distinguishibility, in french or english. I would like to make exagerated versions of those syllables in order for them to be very saliently distinguishable.

Thanks a lot in advance for your advices,


Alexandre Lehmann