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Doctoral Position Available – Auditory Perception, University of Louisville

Doctoral Position Available – Auditory Perception, University of Louisville
Application Deadline: December 1, 2009.

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of 
Louisville invites applicants to our Ph.D. program in experimental 
psychology, with interests in auditory perception, broadly defined.  This 
is a fully-funded 4-year position (starting August 2010) that would involve 
both classroom and laboratory training in auditory perception and 
experimental psychology.   Research will be conducted in relation to an NIH-
funded project which studies the effects of acoustic reflections on human 
sound localization and speech communication.  Foci of the project include 
study of adaptive perceptual processes that facilitate listening 
performance in reflective environments and the potential impact of hearing 
loss on these processes.  Specific training in virtual auditory space 
simulation technologies will also be available, as these technologies are 
used extensively throughout the project.  Additional information about the 
project and the research laboratory is available at 

Research and training activities take place at both the Heuser Hearing 
Research Center (www.thehearinginstitute.org) and at the University of 
Louisville, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences 
(www.louisville.edu/psychology).  Together, these environments offer 
outstanding research facilities, including a new anechoic chamber facility 
due to be completed this Fall, as well as a broad and active research 
community in human perception and performance.  

Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated excellence in 
academic performance and good  
quantitative/programming skills.  Previous experience in the hearing 
sciences, perceptual psychology, or related field is desirable, but not 

Application procedures and materials are available online at: 

Please address any inquiries regarding this position to:

Dr. Pavel Zahorik
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences 
University of Louisville 
Louisville, KY  40292 
Email: pavel.zahorik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Preferred)