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Re: Children and complex pitch perception

Thanks Hugh, and also Damir Kovacic reminded me of his recent paper on gender recognition:

Kovacic and Balabanan (2009) JASA 126(2): 762-775

Peng and colleagues have also examined intonation perception by children:

Peng, Tomblin, Turner (2008) Ear Hear 29(3): 336-351

And Rochelle Newman pointed me to important work on infants and motherese by Fernald and colleagues.

Not a lot of psychophysics-type stuff, but there's enough here to glean the necessary information I think.

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to more info on this.


>>> Hugh Mcdermott <hughm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 11/11/09 5:18 PM >>>
Dear Monita,

Here are some publications reporting pitch perception by child CI users:

Hsiao F (2008) Mandarin melody recognition by pediatric cochlear implant
recipients. J Music Ther 45:390-404.

Mitani C, Nakata T, Trehub SE, Kanda Y, Kumagami H, Takasaki K, Miyamoto
I, Takahashi H (2007) Music recognition, music listening, and word
recognition by deaf children with cochlear implants. Ear Hear

Nakata T, Trehub SE, Mitani C, Kanda Y (2006) Pitch and timing in the
songs of deaf children with cochlear implants. Music Perception

Nakata T, Trehub SE, Mitani C, Kanda Y, Shibasaki A, Schellenberg EG
(2005) Music recognition by Japanese children with cochlear implants. J
Physiol Anthropol Appl Human Sci 24:29-32.

Olszewski C, Gfeller KE, Froman R, Stordahl J, Tomblin B (2005) Familiar
melody recognition by children and adults using cochlear implants and
normal hearing children. Cochlear Implants Int 6:123-140.

Vongpaisal T, Trehub SE, Schellenberg EG (2006) Song recognition by
children and adolescents with cochlear implants. Journal of Speech,
Language, and Hearing Research 49:1091-1103.

Vongpaisal T, Trehub SE, Schellenberg EG (2009) Identification of TV
tunes by children with cochlear implants. Music Perception 27:17-24.

Best regards,


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Dear list,

I'm looking for papers on complex (e.g., voice) pitch perception by
children, normally hearing or cochlear implanted. Any pointers would be
greatly appreciated. There seems to be a lot of work done on production,
but not a lot of rigorous stuff on pitch perception...or am I missing
something big that reviewers will slam me for?



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