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reprints on the psychoacoustic of tinnitus

Dear list,
I am planning an experiment comparing the psychophysic tuning curve (with a target corresponding to the tinnitus pitch) and the "tinnitus tuning curve" (PTC with tinnitus being the target tone). I am trying to find the papers listed below (my university does not have access to these journals). I would be grateful to anyone who could send them to me as pdf.

Postmasking effects of sensorineural tinnitus: a preliminary investigation. Tyler RS, Conrad-Armes D, Smith PA.J Speech Hear Res. 1984 Sep;27(3):466-74.

Masking of tinnitus compared to masking of pure tones. Tyler RS, Conrad-Armes D.J Speech Hear Res. 1984 Mar;27(1):106-11.

Parametric studies of tinnitus masking and residual inhibition. Terry AM, Jones DM, Davis BR, Slater R.Br J Audiol. 1983 Nov;17(4):245-56.

Measures of tinnitus: step size, matches to imagined tones, and masking patterns. Penner MJ, Klafter EJ.Ear Hear. 1992 Dec;13(6):410-6.

Masking of tinnitus and central masking. Penner MJ.J Speech Hear Res. 1987 Jun;30(2):147-52.

Tinnitus as a source of internal noise. Penner MJ.J Speech Hear Res. 1986 Sep;29(3):400-6.

The masking of tinnitus with pure tones. Mitchell C.Audiology. 1983;22(1):73-87.

Measuring tinnitus parameters: loudness, pitch, and maskability. Mitchell CR, Vernon JA, Creedon TA.J Am Acad Audiol. 1993 May;4(3):139-51.

thank you very much!

Arnaud Norena
Université de Provence
Centre St Charles, Pôle 3C - Case B
3, Place Victor Hugo
F - 13331 Marseille Cedex 03