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Disagreement with Mozart?

Dear colleagues,

I do not seriously disagree with him, of course, but ...

For the upcoming christmas concert of our choir, I changed the text of
"Più non si trovano", K.V. 549, also known as number IV of "Sechs Nocturnos".

In bar 10, there is a chord Bb-F-C#. We intend to have our singing 
accompanied on a DX11-synthesizer in meantone tuning, 
which sounds beautiful, with the exception of the just mentioned chord. 
If one plays Bb-F-Db instead, that chord, too, sounds very well.
(In meantone tuning, Db is higher than C# by 41 cents.)

Probably Mozart assumed ET or similar. He wrote
C# and not Db, because the next Soprano note is D.


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