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Workshop on Speech in Noise: Intelligibility and Quality, Amsterdam, 7 & 8 th of January 2010

It is an honour and our pleasure to announce the 2nd Workshop on Speech in Noise: Intelligibility and Quality, to be held in Amsterdam on the 7th and 8th of January, 2010. This year, the event will be hosted by department of Clinical and Experimental Audiology of the Academic Medical Center, in cooperation with the department of Audiology of the VU University Medical Center and co-organised with University College London.


The effect of noise on speech communication is a problem studied in many areas: sound engineering, telecommunications, forensic audio, audiology, phonetics and cognitive auditory psychology are just a few. Within these workshops we aim to unite views from these and additional perspectives in order to compile our knowledge of this fascinating topic. The workshop will be an informal event and we welcome descriptions of work in progress as much as presentations of fully developed studies.


The workshop will consist of posters and invited talks. All participants are welcome to present a poster.


Assuming 8 or more submitted posters, the unofficial kick-off of the event will take place on the evening of the 7th of January with a Drinks & Posters session at AMC Amsterdam. Participants are encouraged to present a poster of their current research but there is no obligation to do so: the aim of this evening is to drink and chat about speech in noise.


The workshop will be held the 8th of January in the heart of Amsterdam. This day will be filled with oral presentations:


Predicting speech intelligibility in noisy rooms.

John Culling (Cardiff University, UK).


Individualizing noise reduction in hearing aids.

Tjeerd Dijkstra (Radbout University, NL)


Performance based measures of speech quality.

Mark Huckvale (UCL, UK )


Speech-in-noise screening tests by internet; improving test sensitivity for noise-induced hearing loss.

Monique Leensen (AMC, NL)


Auditory model for the speech audiogram.

Johannes Lijzenga (VUmc, NL)/ Koenraad Rhebergen (AMC, NL)


Phonetic masking of speech by speech.

Fanny Meunier (CNRS, F)


Speech in noise for bilinguals.

Melanie Picet (UCL, UK)


Dynamic aspects of noise reduction in hearing aids.

Karilina Smeds (ORCA Europe, S)


Speech in noise test

Cas Smits (VUmc, NL)


and others


Participation is free but limited. To attend please register by visiting the workshop’s website at http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/events/Quality2010.html



Rolph Houben

Koen Rhebergen

Johannes Lyzenga

Gaston Hilkhuysen.

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