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Re: pulse / beat / meter etc

My two heroes of analytic listening ability are Boulez (who, as a conductor,
demonstrates that he can hear anything -- I have sat in several of his
rehearsals) and Kurtag (who, as a teacher of any music to any instrumental
group demonstrates that he not only hears what has been played but also the
player's intention for notes to be played). Yes, the skill can be taught but
some genetic proclivity must be obviously present to reach a certain level.


On 12/9/09 7:31 AM, "Kevin Austin" <kevin.austin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thank you. Unfortunately, I work with developing educated listeners, and
> moving from integration to segregation is (after segmentation), the first
> skill we work on. I have found the best way to develop 'analytic listeners' is
> through composition, but that's my background.
> Kevin