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Re: Unknown biological sound

Dear list members,

Just let me explain a little more in detail:
Dr.Lennox was right: the clicks were probably due to mic handling, moreover I filtered and amplified the sound because it was really soft.
The sound I want you to pay attention to is the set of very close pulses.
All of the recorded sounds have the same structure: they last few seconds (3/4) and they occur "randomly" -one every 10/15 minutes- from 2 to 6 a.m. The aim of the acoustic survey was to monitor another fish species, Sciaena umbra, which made choruses during night in the reproductive period (july and august). This misterious sound started right after Sciena umbra ended the chorus. I add an image with spectrogram and waveform In the same area there are other soniferous fish species: maybe this is a new one - or a common one with unknown acoustic stimuli :)

if it is a machine I am curious to know which one produces a sound like this: in the survey we must distinguish between biological and human sources of noise

thank you very much

  Quoting "Bruno L. Giordano" <bruno.giordano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I have to agree with Peter: I would be very surprised if this was a
biological sound.

It sounds too regular and sustained to me, although the 21st century
man might have developed a mistaken identification bias to survive in a
modern jungle of living agents and evil machines, where seahorses (and
woodpeckers) are rare and harmless ;-)


Jazz wrote:
Sounds like a Sea-horse, But lots of Fish make similar soundsthere are more to listen to on the websight below


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There seem to be two sets of sounds - the clicks that sound like mic handling noise aren't at the end, so I'm not sure if they were what you were telling me to ignore. They're certainly much closer to the mic than the other, continuous noise, in fact I think they're very close. The other noise - is it definitely animal? - How long was the noise? - continuous or in short bursts like your sample? - it sounds rather like a motor - could even be something like a compressor, transmitting through the hull of a boat. There seems to be some reverberation there which I assume results from the source-mic distance (and certainly it doesn't sound like very deep water) but it could be be structural reverberation if it actually came from an object with a rigid body such as a boat.
I'll be happy if you find out what it is!

Dr Peter Lennox

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Subject: Unknown biological sound

Dear list members,

During a nocturnal acoustic survey in shallow waters in the Northern
Mediterranean Sea my colleagues recorded some strange sounds of
unknown origin.
You can find an example in attachment; it is band-pass filtered (50 -
600 Hz), and amplified. Please try to ignore the "clicks" at the end
of the sound.
Does any of you have an idea of what kind of animal emits a sound like
this? Maybe a fish?

Thank you in advance
L Sebastianutto

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