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BRAMS Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience symposium one day before the CNS conference in Montreal.

The International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS) is pleased to announce a full-day symposium on Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience on April 16th 2010 at the Montreal Neurological Institute, one day before the Cognitive Neuroscience Society meeting, in the Jeanne Timmins auditorium of the Montreal Neurological Institute.
The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.


8:45am - Opening

9:00am - Session 1: "Neural Coding in the Auditory Cortex"
Pr. Claude Alain, Rotman Research Institute
Pr. Evan Balaban, McGill University
Pr. Marc Schoenwiesner, Université de Montréal

10:25am - Coffee breaks & posters

11:10am - Session 2: "Emotional Communication by Sound"
Pr. Pascal Belin, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Pr. Sarah Wilson, University of Melbourne, Australia
Pr. Robert Zatorre, Montreal Neurological Institute

12:45 - Lunch break

2:30pm - Session 3: "Sensorimotor Integration"
Pr. Caroline Palmer, McGill University
Pr. Virginia Penhune, Concordia University
Pr. Greg Hickok, University of California, Irvine, USA

4:05pm - Coffee break & posters

Each session will also include one or two postdoc/student speakers, who will be announced later on together with the talk titles.

The event is co-sponsored by NSERC-CREATE training grant in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience and the Montreal Neurological Institute.

Marc Schoenwiesner, PhD
International Laboratory for Brain
Music and Sound Research (BRAMS)
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lab website: www.brams.org