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Open Research Positions at DOLBY Beijing!

Dear all!


Dolby Laboratories will start research operations in Beijing in early 2010. We are looking for research staff in different areas and accept applications from candidates worldwide interested in living and working in Beijing. We look for staff with essential work experience as well as for fresh graduates.


Attached are two job specifications.

Any interested applicants should directly write to Dr. Claus Bauer who is in charge of the Dolby Research group in China and who can be reached at cb@xxxxxxxxx.


Best Regards,



Dr. Arijit Biswas
Staff Engineer, Applied Research Group
Dolby Germany GmbH
Deutschherrnstrasse 15-19, 90429 Nürnberg, Germany
Phone: +49 911 9289143; Fax: +49 911 9289199; Mobile: +49 175 5988062
www.dolby.com | arijit.biswas@xxxxxxxxx

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