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Call for participation: 2nd Community-based Signal Separation Evaluation Campaign (SiSEC 2010)

Dear list,

I am posting this announcement on behalf of the organizers of the SiSEC 2010 signal separation evaluation campaign.

This campaign is definitely of interest to those of you working on Computational Auditory Scene Analysis. The variety of datasets has increased a lot since SiSEC 2008, with new datasets involving e.g. moving sources or real-world diffuse noise.

Looking forward to your entry,


Emmanuel Vincent
METISS Project-Team
INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique
Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 Rennes cedex, France
Phone: +332 9984 2269 - Fax: +332 9984 7171
Web: http://www.irisa.fr/metiss/members/evincent/

                   *** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ***
                     (apologies for cross-posting)

                2nd Community-based Signal Separation
                         Evaluation Campaign
                             (SiSEC 2010)


                Submission deadline: April 16, 2010

SiSEC2010 is the second community-based endeavor for the evaluation of
source separation algorithms. Following the first call, seven Audio
datasets & three Biomedical/BCI datasets have been proposed by

* Audio source separation
    1: Underdetermined speech and music mixtures
    -  Determined and over-determined speech and music mixtures
        2: Determined and over-determined speech and music mixtures
3: Robust blind linear/non-linear separation of short two-sources-two-microphones recordings 4: Overdetermined speech and music mixtures for human-robot interaction 5: Determined convolutive mixtures under dynamic conditions 6: Professionally produced music recordings
    7: Source separation in the presence of real-world background noise
* fMRI or/and microarray data separation
8: Cancer Pathway Reconstruction using Breast Cancer Microarray gene expression profiles
    * EEG data extraction     9: Dependent component extraction
   10: Artefact removal in EEG data

Help make this evaluation the most complete yet by trying your source
separation algorithms over one or more datasets and submitting the results.

To download the datasets and view submission guidelines and evaluation
procedures, see http://sisec.wiki.irisa.fr/.

Interested individuals are encouraged to join the SiSEC mailing list at
https://listes.irisa.fr/sympa/info/sisec. Announcements (including on the revision to the datasets, reference software, submission information, etc.) and discussions related to the SiSEC2010 will be provided through the SiSEC mailing list.
Best regards,

SiSEC2010 Evaluation Chairs
Shoko ARAKI, Fabian Theis and Guido Nolte