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Room acoustics, after ICA2010

Thanks for posting! There is interest in room acoustics on this list! - We are investigating methods on determining the qualities of complex rooms (churches etc.) for speech and music ...
But unfortunately, Melbourne is too far away this year.
Kind regards,
Stefanie Stadler Elmer

Densil Cabrera wrote:

I am not sure how much interest in room acoustics is on this list, but there probably is some. We are hosting the International Symposium on Room Acoustics in Melbourne (Australia) following the International Congress on Acoustics (Sydney). Like the musical acoustics symposium mentioned by Jim Beauchamp & Joe Wolfe, this is a much more intimate setting than the large international congress that precedes it. Several major figures in the field are giving lectures and organizing special sessions. Contributed papers in any area of room acoustics (including auditory perception/cognition) are welcome. See http://www.isra2010.org <http://www.isra2010.org/> .

Best regards

Densil Cabrera (Papers Chair of ISRA)

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