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double-wall sound proof booth attenuation

Dear list,


Would anyone have measured the attenuation characteristics of a double-wall sound proof booth once the booth is installed on site, compared to the characteristics announced by the manufacturer?


I’m having a booth built, and after several installation attempts (by the manufacturer), I still don’t get what was announced.  Basically, they announce an attenuation over 90 dB above 1 kHz (which is huge), I'm getting 70 dB (which is quite good, but still 20 dB less than what I’m paying for…), and the manufacturer says: "that's fine, that's what we normally get for measurement on site".

The reference measurement giving over 90 dB is supposed to be done in a reverberant room (so, same sound level all around the booth during the measurement). The room where my booth is installed might not be as reverberant; but I’m doing the measurement with the microphone between the sound source and the booth, so on the worse side of the booth. So I anticipate that, if my room was perfectly reverberant, I would get equal or smaller performances…


I would like to know if I'm getting what others are getting or if I should keep on complaining. Actually, very soon the manufacturer will not have any proposition for improvement (they told me already) so I have to decide if I keep the booth, or if they take it away and I'm looking for somebody else to build me a better one… (I haven’t tell the manufacturer name, but it might be difficult to find a better known company in the field…)


Thanks in advance for your advice,









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