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Re: mechanical cochlear model

Many thanks, Dick, for your thoughtful posting.

Maybe one should be slightly less friendly. I fear that some contributions 
to this list have caused quite many knowledgeable colleagues to stop posting
or even reading.

Today I have received an off-line message from such a colleague:

Good reply. *** and *** and a few others really pick out a few  
points and ignore the overwhelming evidence for the traveling wave.  
They are so convinced that I suspect that they will not be persuaded  
by your discussion either. They are similar to the politically  
conservative people here in this country."

I answered to him:

"Many thanks, dear *** !
Yes -- if someone has had and published an opinion for many years or 
even decades, it is hard for him or her to acknowledge defeat. [...]"

Personnally, I plan to not yet give up. Nevertheless, I hope
that I am not one of the stubborn persons just described.


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At 8:59 PM -0500 3/9/10, David Mountain wrote:
>...  When this energy reaches the beginning of 
>the peak region, [...]

David, I like your definition and description, 
with one caveat:  [...]