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Re: [Cochlea-amp.] [AUDITORY] Topics for discussion

Please don't cross post and keep this thread related to AUDITORY on the


On Wed, 2010-03-17 at 18:55 -0700, Margaret Mortz wrote:
> I would like to second Etienne's request to keep the cochlear
> amplifier discussion on the AUDITORY list.  
> I receive the email responses separately rather than as a long
> composite digest, so it is easier to segregate topics As long as the
> subject line contains the topic, I can easily bypass topics that I am
> not interested in.   .
> I find this thread to be very interesting.  I have a special interest
> in learning about how the brain gives feedback to the cochlear active
> listening process via OHC. Obviously, I need to also learn about the
> cochlea's passive dynamics itself.  It seems to be far more
> complicated than I realized.  
> Margaret Mortz
> On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 5:38 PM, Etienne Gaudrain
> <et.gaudrain@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>         Dear Professor Bregman, dear list,
>         I am very glad you pointed out that the AUDITORY list is a
>         place that reflects the diversity of auditory research. I
>         would like to add that the interaction between researchers of
>         various backgrounds is essential in that field of research,
>         and the AUDITORY list certainly helps a lot in that regard.
>         If each specialized group of interest were to create their own
>         list, how could transversal communication take place? We would
>         just end up with a very scattered landscape of auditory
>         research, and one would have to spend hours on the web to find
>         and reconnect all the pieces.
>         So, although I understand that some people could be annoyed by
>         the discussion, there is no strong reason why
>         cochlear-modellers in particular should not be welcomed on the
>         list. It seems more obvious that there are strong reasons why
>         they should stay and share there debate They are good guys,
>         they contribute a lot! Otherwise we can also politely ask the
>         people who wonder about "timbre" to wonder elsewhere. Or what
>         about those who ask questions about sound cards... I mean who
>         cares? Worst than everything, those who request papers...
>         can't they just pay for it?! The final blow: the improbable
>         conference announcements (even seen a call for a French
>         meeting for PhD students... which would concern, what, 50
>         people? ever seen an ASA meeting announced here?)... And
>         probably the people that are a tiny bit sarcastic should also
>         be banned from the list...
>         In the real world you can't suppress the sound of people
>         arguing in the street by any other mean than earplugs that
>         will also suppress the lovely music you were listening to. You
>         may have heard of this: the auditory scene analysis problem,
>         nicely formulated by a great guy in Canada, can't remember his
>         name. Well, on the Internet, you can actually very easily
>         filter out just the electronic messages you don't want as long
>         as you can describe what they look like (as already suggested
>         by Keith Kluender and others). This is a bit sad but, on the
>         Internet, the scene analysis problem has been solved some time
>         ago. For those of you who don't know how, here is a quick
>         tutorial for Thunderbird:
>         http://csd.mta.ca/html_pages/thunderbird/Filters.htm. I'm sure
>         similar tutorials can be found for Outlook, or any modern
>         email software your using. Silent readers of the list
>         shouldn't be deprived of an interesting debate (although
>         sometime a bit over-enthusiastic, but then, normally, adults
>         know that people are making a bit a fool of themselves when
>         they are rude in public for dull reasons) because some less
>         silent readers do not like it. I wouldn't sign a petition to
>         close a TV channel because they show too boring programs
>         between 2 and 4 am...
>         So please, mechanical cochlear modellers, do come back.
>         -Etienne
>         On 16/03/2010 22:34, Al Bregman wrote:
>                 Dear list,
>                 I would like to remind everyone that the AUDITORY list
>                 members come
>                 from a variety of disciplines including experimental
>                 psychology,
>                 linguistics (especially phonology), infant
>                 development, brain
>                 sciences, music and other sonic arts, audio
>                 technology, artificial
>                 intelligence, robotics, computer science, and speech
>                 and hearing
>                 science.  For the last little while, the postings seem
>                 to have focused
>                 heavily on a rather technical and heated discussion of
>                 the mechanics
>                 of the cochlea.  It is impressive to see the
>                 enthusiasm of researchers
>                 on this topic, but I hope that other people will not
>                 be discouraged
>                 from interrupting this discussion with questions,
>                 announcements, and
>                 messages on other topics.
>                 Perhaps it would be a good idea if, when any group
>                 wishes to have a
>                 prolonged discussion of a highly specialized topic,
>                 they form a
>                 discussion group of interested parties.  It would then
>                 be of great
>                 interest for the list as a whole to be brought up to
>                 date on the
>                 thoughts, and maybe conclusions, of this specialized
>                 group if any of
>                 its members were willing to take the trouble to write
>                 up summaries
>                 from time to time.
>                 Best to all,
>                 Al
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