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Re: Auditory wheel

On 3/18/2010 8:21 PM, Pierre Divenyi wrote:
> Hello colorists,
> It's also possible that the color domain in vision cannot be directly
> compared to the chroma of pitch in audition. For one, we don't have in
> audition any sort of "primary color" anchors, unless a person with
> absolute pitch is exposed to one tone of the scale to such an extent
> that it becomes an anchor.
> Best,
> -Pierre

This is an excellent point that I did consider.  However, in the
violin-piano-clarinet-violin morphing example I described in my original
email, it was clear that many subjects had repeatable boundaries in
audition.  However, there was a non-trivial population that was reliably
able to distinguish between every discrete sample.  We could have
increased sample resolution, but the time required for the experiment
would have likely become prohibitive.