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Re: mp3 and the perceptual coding

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 08:09, Massimo Grassi <massimo.grassi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is there a book/chapter/paper that you would particularly recommend
> about it? There are many things out there, but so far I didn't like much any
> of them. In particular, the characteristics of the perceptual coding are
> always roughly described.

Perhaps the AES CD "Perceptual Audio Coders: What to Listen For" would
be useful.  Then there is always the paper "Perceptual Coding of
Digital Audio" by Painter and Spanias.

You haven't mentioned the background of the students yet, tough - is
there any information theory in their curriculum?  The benefits of
perceptual coding are hard to explain without pointing the difference
between lossy and lossless coding (and why the former is so much more


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