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Re: mp3 and the perceptual coding

Hi JJ, all,

no, I don't think the Fraunhofer web site mentions the 13db miracle. I
would have posted a direct link to it, if I had found it before.

Searching for "13db miracle" on the web already results in a couple of
hits, including a PDF of an AES 2006 presentation from Marina Bosi. The
audio files are not included, though.

I would think a similar experiment could be repeated without much effort.


James Johnston wrote:
> Karlheinz has the 13dB miracle still.  I lost it a long time ago, and got it back from him recently (rather annoying to be the one who made it  and then not have it due to companies falling apart...)
> I don't read the fhg web site for rather a number of reasons, so Max, is it upon that site?
> jj
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> Dear Massimo, all,
> I would like to add the following websites to the range of recommended
> places to look:
> http://www.iis.fraunhofer.de/bf/amm/products/mp3/
> http://www.all4mp3.com/
> They contain, of course, only consumer-level of detail, but they might
> be useful nonetheless.
> As a student I personally found the presentation of the "13db miracle"
> the most impressive and straightforward demonstration of psychoacoustics
> in audio coding. Of course that would require your students to have an
> understanding of the principle of SNR.
> Regards,
> Max Neuendorf
> Massimo Grassi wrote:
>> Dear list members,
>> I would like to convince to my students that psychophysics can (seldom)
>> be useful. For this reason, I want to talk about mp3 and perceptual coding.
>> Is there a book/chapter/paper that you would particularly recommend
>> about it? There are many things out there, but so far I didn't like much 
>> any of them. In particular, the characteristics of the perceptual coding 
>> are always roughly described.
>> Any suggestion is more than welcome.
>> Thank you in advance,
>> m
>> ps for those in the northern hemisphere: enjoy the spring!

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