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Unwanted line breaks; evanescent waves.

Dear colleagues,

Today I have two questions:

1) When my postings come back to me from Montréal,
they contain unwanted 
line breaks, i.e., very short lines,
and sometimes even unwanted empty lines.
My son exceptionally could not tell me 
what to do
about that. Can you?

2) Today I googled "evanescent waves" (EW). Wiki correctly
says that EWs are standing 
waves. The kind of EW involved 
in reducing the frequency of the tone made by a wine glass 
(or a basilar membrane) 
when it is put under water, however, 
is not specially mentioned in Wiki. That EW is similar
to a travelling surface 
wave (TW). In EWs the liquid particles 
go back and forth (whereas in TWs they move on elliptical 
trajectories). The 
liquid sound pressure obeys the Laplace 
equation. The EW under discussion occurs also in strictly 
liquids. Are there published papers on it ?
(I already know the 1979 Stanford Univ. PhD thesis 
of Larry Taber.)


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