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Evanescent waves, line breaks (3).

Hello !


Yesterday, the line breaks in my own sent-messages folder, and also in what came back from Canada, were OK. Today, disappointingly, two List members have written me that in the Auditory Digest my message contains many empty lines. In the present text, I still use hyper-text markup language, but I insert carriage returns at the end of paragraphs only.


Evanescent wave (EW) addenda: if in the formulae for EWs in a two-dimensional cochlear box model, one removes the basilar membrane (BM), i.e., if one sets S = 0 and M = 0, then a solution still exists. That special type of EW, I think, occurs near tapped underwater wine glasses or tuning forks.  The corresponding streamlines ("flow patterns") are shown, e.g., in Figs. 5.17 of Larry Taber's Ph.D. thesis, "An analytic study of realistic cochlear models including threedimensional fluid motion (Stanford University, 1979).



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