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I've finally heard an otoacoustic emission...  It sounded like a series
of 5 or 6 soft, slow (about 500ms onset and decay) bell tones. 

It occurred under the same conditions as the clicks I hear fairly
often while going to sleep - listening to music in the right ear, the clicks
(and the oae) appear in the left ear which is occluded by a pillow.

The clicking sounds, which occur roughly at the onsets of voice
band information in the music, are accompanied by the unmistakable
physical sensation of a muscle spasm. That is, I would feel them even if
I had not heard them. This leads me to believe that the clicks are caused
by muscles.

The OAE was obvious. It was also synchronous and in perfect harmony
with the tones presented to my right ear.  It seems likely to me that the OAE
would be created by the muscle causing the clicks, rather than a different
mechanism inside the cochlea.