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Re: Paper request

Hi all,
Thank you all for the quick responses with your help. I've got the paper a few times over and a few supplementary ones as well now, I wasn't expecting such a swift (and large) response! I posted about the project earlier, it is basically a software model of the cochlea's nerve response which, for now, will model the steady state hair response to a pure tone stimulus. Eventually I would like to add more features to it and plan to continue developing it beyond this class.

Thank you again, I will keep the list updated on the progress of this project.
Kyle Stratis

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 7:42 PM, Richard F. Lyon <DickLyon@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello list,
I was wondering if anyone here had a pdf or any other digital file version of the Journal of Neurophysiology (1971; 34: 685-699) paper Some Effects of Stimulus Intensity on Response of Auditory Nerve Fibers in the Squirrel
Monkey by Rose et al. I am trying to find it (or another paper with detailed rate-intensity curves and possibly even response curves) to complete a project for my undergraduate audition class at the University of Florida, and I am having trouble finding it via my University.

Thank you very much,
Kyle Stratis