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Manuscript on evanescent waves.

Hello !  Now I have written a short paper "Evanescent Liquid-Sound-Pressure Waves Near an Underwater Wineglass", with diagrams and formulae. Briefly, in these waves, at a given place, the liquid pressure varies at audio frequency, and the velocity of the "liquid particles" (well-defined groups of molecules) varies likewise. The liquid density, however, is assumed to be strictly time- and place-independent. So these waves are similar to the slow cochlear travelling wave. In the latter, however, the liquid particles move on elliptical trajectories, whereas in the evanescent waves (EW), the particles oscillate back and forth on a short straight-line segment. Also, the EWs are standing, not travelling. These EWs are seldom discussed, it seems. Yesterday I looked in two underwater-sound textbooks (Urick and Lurton), with negative result. Please write off-line if you would like to receive the above-mentioned pdf. I would be very grateful of course, if some  List members would agree to look at that paper and to send me comments.


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