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3rd Call for demo CMMR 2010. Extended Deadline 29th April 2010. 7th Intl Sympon ComputerMusic Modeling and Retrieval, Malaga,Spain, June 21th-24th, 2010


CMMR 2010 invites proposal for demonstration. The goal of the demonstration sessions is to allow members of the computer music community an opportunity to demonstrate working systems. This environment allows conference participants to view demonstrations firsthand in a manner not possible in a technical talk or poster session. CMMR2010 provides a leading international forum to bring together researchers, companies, educators, composers, performers, and others with an interest in important aspects of computer music, music technologies and music-based entertainment. Proposals for demonstrations are requested from anyone in the computer music community: researchers, academic institutions, research labs, industry, composers, performers, etc.

This field is also very interesting from an economic point of view. People invert quite a lot of money, time and resources in music-based entertainment. Submissions are encouraged in all areas related to computer music. In particular, we encourage demo submissions on:

*         Music games and applications for embedded systems

*         Virtual reality, augmented reality and human-computer interaction

*         Digital music libraries

*         New methods for music representation and visualization

*         Retrieval and recommendation tools

*         Games and interactive learning

*         Music production and composition tools 

*         Cooperative music networks

*         Analysis, recognition, comparison, classification, and modelling of sound and music

*         Music and sound data mining

*         Sound synthesis

*         Optical music recognition

*         Semantic music technologies

*         Sound source separation

*         Music structure analysis

*         Music transcription

*         Artificial intelligence and cognitive science for sound and music

All submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure quality and suitability. Please, submit a 2-page or less demo proposal in the format specified on the CMMR 2010 website, following the instruction detailed at www.cmmr2010.etsit.uma.es. Proposal should include the demonstration title, list of authors and a text regarding the demonstration focusing on innovation and research.  

The participants are required to provide their own computing equipment and any additional network, display, sensor, etc. hardware needed for the demonstration. You will need to be register at CMMR2010 in order to present a demonstration.

The extended deadline for the submission is April 29th 2010. The demo proposal acceptance announcement will be May 5th 2010.

For aditional information regarding the demonstration sessions, please contact one of the demonstration chairs: Isabel Barbancho (ibp@xxxxxxxxx), Lorenzo J. Tardon (lorenzo@xxxxxxxxx) or Ana M. Barbancho (abp@xxxxxxxxx).