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Re: sound events database

So you'd better look at widely available commercial sound effect CD's


2010/4/22 <ernestoaccolti@xxxxxxxxx>
Dear Boris,

Not at first. The purpose of the database is to compose virtual
environmental sounds in a very close to reality paradigm. The major
goal is the research on noise effects on the human being. Perhaps in a
future step of the research it could be interesting the topic you

Best regards,

2010/4/22 Boris Defreville (ORELIA) <boris.defreville@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear Ernesto,
> Is the purpose of these database is automatical sound recognition?
> 2010/4/22 Ernesto Accolti <ernestoaccolti@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Dear List,
>> Anyone knows where could I find a calibrated database of sound events?
>> I mean events like car, trucks and motorcycle passby, birds, dogs ...
>> alarms. It is better if they are far from the background noise and
>> each event in a separated wavefile or very distant in time (not
>> overlapping).
>> The sounds that I am searching must not be in loosely compression
>> formats and must have a calibration reference  (e.g.) in order to know
>> the sound pressure level that represents the full scale of the file.
>> I will appreciate any help.
>> Best regards,
>> Ernesto Accolti.
>> PhD student
>> Built Environment Control Laboratory
>> Second University of Naples
>> Aversa (Ce), Italy
>> Laboratory of Acoustics and Electroacoustics
>> National University of Rosario
>> Rosario, Argentina