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PhD position in psychology

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Applications are invited for a PhD position in the laboratory of Guy Madison at the University of Umeå, Sweden. Applications will be considered until May 31st. The start date is flexible, but is nominally September 2010.


The overall aim of the project is to elucidate the biological basis, including genetic mechanisms, behind relations between cognitive performance and temporal variability in simple tasks. The project is based at Umeå University and involves collaborations with internationally leading research teams both within (Karolinska Institutet) and outside Sweden. The PhD work comprises training in experimental psychology (behavioural experiments, psychometric testing) and state-of-the-art neuroimaging (functional MRI). The postholder will be responsible for setting-up laboratory experiments, recruiting and testing participants, analyzing data, and publishing the results.

Behavioural genetic studies are performed in collaboration with the Swedish Twin Registry, which is the world’s largest and most complete database, and that provides unique possibilities for performing this type of research in Sweden.


Applications are invited from candidates with a higher degree (diploma or MS) in subjects related to aspects of psychology and neuroscience, including computer science, biological sciences, and engineering (see the URL below for specific formal requirements). The applicant needs to be skilled in both oral and written communication in English. Applicants should have knowledge and skills in experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, or quantitative methods. Specifically, programming (e.g., C, Matlab) and mathematics (e.g., numerical analysis, abstract and numerical modelling, statistics) are merits that will be considered.


For more information and application procedures, see http://www8.umu.se/umu/aktuellt/arkiv/lediga_tjanster/313-357-315-370-10.html



Kind regards




Dr. Guy Madison

Associate professor


Snail mail:

Department of Psychology
Behavioural Sciences Building
Umeå University
SE-901 87 Umeå



office          +46-(0)90-7866401

cell            +46-(0)70-5543034

fax             +46-(0)90-7866695

Visiting address:

Room B-115

Behavioural Sciences Building (Beteendevetarhuset)

Vindarnas torg 1, Mediagränd 14

Umeå University Campus