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Re: Vocaloid2

Hi Beste, 

A couple of months ago I used Vocaloid in a friends' composition (just for fun and to see how difficult was the interface), I found it convenient for long vowels and background voices and difficult to input phonemes (?). Anyway, I posted here (http://julovi.net/Shy.m4a) and I hope you find it useful for your decision making.

PS: Lyrics by Michael Cohen, music by Michael Frishkopf. The song was originally rendered in Band in a Box, exported as a midi file, imported in Garageband, and mixed with the Vocaloid output.

 Julian Villegas


Me pregunto de un modo pensativo
Que significa ser Colombiano?
No se le respondi. Es un acto de fe

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Sexta-feira, 7 de Maio de 2010, 18:51=0A> Dear list,=0A> =0A> I 
> would like =
to hear some advice about this singing=0A> synthesizer 
> application, Vocaloi=
d2. I would like to know if=0A> anyone is using it 
> and find the singing sam=
ples close to a=0A> real singing voice? Do you 
> have any other recommendatio=
ns in=0A> order to create high quality 
> singing samples?=0A> =0A> Sincerely,=
=0A> =0A> Beste=0A> 
> =0A=0A=0A