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Post doc position

                                                          Post-doc opening


SENIOR RESEARCH OFFICER,  Department of Psychology,  University of Essex,   UK


Ray Meddis (rmeddis@xxxxxxxxxxx) is looking for a post-doc to assist on a project to design and evaluate new hearing aid algorithms.


The overall aim of the project is to use computer models of normal and impaired hearing to improve hearing aid design with particular reference to hearing speech in noisy backgrounds.


The project is at an advanced stage and is currently focussed on evaluating aid performance using automatic speech recognition technology.


The successful applicant will have MATLAB programming skills and knowledge of automatic speech recognition techniques.


The project is funded by the EPSRC for 18 months.


The successful applicant can begin as soon as possible.


Salary:                     £29,853 per annum

More information:



Closing date:              27/05/10