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Re: echo in the freq. domain

Biggest headache in doing this kind of convolution in the frequency domain: Consider the N+M-1 overlap!!!

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Hi -

You can do an echo (delay) effect in the frequency domain using 
convolution, exactly the same as you would for reverb - you would just 
use a different impulse response (a sparser one, typically, in the time 

However, the sparsity means that you can typically implement it 
efficiently enough in the time domain, so there's not much point doing 
it frequency-domain. Why do you want to do it?


Danijel Domazet wrote:
> Hi auditory,
> I'd like to do a simple Echo effect in the frequency domain. Does anyone 
> remember any paper on the subject? There is a nice paper on freq domain 
> reverberation ("Frequency Domain Artificial Reverberation using Spectral 
> Magnitude Decay", Vickers E.), but couldn't find any on the echo....
> Thanks,
> Danijel Domazet
> LittleEndian.com

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