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Re: comparing cochlear models ?


I did a class project several years ago in which I tried to do this.
(See http://www.jboley.com/research/een698report.doc)

However, looking back, I really don't think that my comparison to
Schroeder's masking curves was the an appropriate approach.  (Notice
that I called the Schroeder curves the "actual ear response"... which
I'm sure is not even close to accurate!)

I'd be very interested to see what others suggest.

- Jon

On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 9:04 AM, emad burke <emad.burke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear list
> I am trying to find a metric which i can compare different cochlear models
> based on. in other words i need a "quantitative" metric which there is a
> consensus on in the whole community and its widely accepted. Of course i
> dont mean a metric like "how biologically plausible a cochlear model is"
> since i dont think it is quantifiable. as a simple example if you were going
> to compare the traditional Dick Lyons old cochlear model with the one that
> i'm developing myself how am i supposed to compare them and conclude which
> ones superior ?
> Best Regards
> Emad