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New Book: See What I'm Saying

Hi Auditory Friends-

Just wanted to let folks know about my new trade book on our 'hidden' perceptual skills:
See What I'm Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses (W.W. Norton & Co., 2010). 

While the book covers all the senses, there are multiple chapters dedicated to auditory perception 
and multisensory perception. The book also presents current hot-topic issues including 
neuroplasticity, mirror neuron systems, and the primacy of multisensory perception. While written 
for the layperson, auditory list members might be interested in using the book for teaching, and 
as a way to update their knowledge on some of the most exciting findings in the smell, taste, 
touch and sight literatures. 

Below is a description along with relevant links.


Larry R.

See What I'm Saying: The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses

    In this revealing romp through the mysteries of human perception, University of California 
psychologist and researcher Lawrence Rosenblum explores the astonishing abilities of the five 
senses?skills of which most of us are remarkably unaware. Drawing on groundbreaking insights 
into the brain?s plasticity and integrative powers, including findings from his own research, 
Rosenblum examines how our brains use the subtlest information to perceive the world.  A blind 
person, for example, can ?see? through batlike echolocation; a Master Sommelier can actually taste 
the grape variety, region, and vintage of an obscure wine; and pheromones can subliminally signal 
a lover?s compatibility.
    To illustrate these implicit perceptual skills, Rosenblum takes us from the ?beep? baseball fields 
where blind players swing at  beeping balls, to a pitch-black restaurant where diners experience 
taste without the aid of sight.   We accompany him on a visit to an Oscar-winning animator  who 
explains how the public?s expertise in perceiving faces has made his job so difficult; and a visit 
with a supermodel to discuss why beautiful faces are irresistible.
    New studies have shed light on the surprising power and reach of our senses. It turns out that 
our brains use entire forms of perceptual information of which we are largely unaware. We can 
hear things that don?t make sounds, feel things without touching them, see things with no form, 
and smell things that have no discernible odor. Throughout the book, Rosenblum not only 
illuminates the fascinating science behind our hidden perceptual powers, but demonstrates how 
increased awareness of these abilities can actually lead us to enhance how we use them.

Hardcover: 350 pages
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0393067602
ISBN-13: 978-0393067606

Book website:

Amazon page: