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Re: Television sound levels

I'm assuming that you are looking for listening preference.   Television viewers adjust the level to their individual preference.  If commercials were to last for a long time then television viewers would turn the level down during commercials.  Since commercials last a short time the typical listener merely swears at the broadcasters and tolerates the level until their program returns.  

Have a look at my paper "Preferred Listening Levels and Acceptance Windows for Dialog Reproduction in the Domestic Environment", AES preprint 6233, presented at the 117th AES Convention in 2004, and at reference 3 from that paper.  If you have difficulty finding either of those materials contact me off list.

Eric Benjamin

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Subject: Television sound levels

Hi All,
This may be pretty obscure for this group but I'm looking for data (hopefully recent) on typical sound levels from televisions (during the shows not commercials) in the home. Any suggestions for papers?

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