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Spanish Government - Funding for the mobility of foreign researchers in Spanish research centres

The research group ATIC: Application of Information and Communications Technologies (www.atic.uma.es) can accept the incorporation of researchers in the research lines of the Group in the framework of "Programa Nacional de Movilidad de Recursos Humanos de Investigación de 2010" of the Spanish Government (Subprogram EXTESP-EDU).

At the present time, the research group ATIC maintains the following research lines:

• Processing of musical information.
• Audio signal processing. Polyphonic music transcription.
• Analysis of musical scores by image processing and recognition techniques (OMR). • Design of hardware for specific applications (including musical interaction).
• Games and interactive learning
• Cryptography, security and RFID.

Eligible researchers must be in possession of their Ph.D. Details can be found in the official document

Interested researchers please contact
Dr. Lorenzo J. Tardon (lorenzo@xxxxxxxx)
Dr. Isabel Barbancho (ibp@xxxxxxxxx)

Dr. Isabel Barbancho
Profesora Titular de Universidad
Dpt. Ingenieria de Comunicaciones
Universidad de Málaga
Campus de Teatinos s/n, E29071 Málaga, SPAIN
Tel: +34 952 13 25 87
e-mail: ibp@xxxxxxxxx
web-page:  http://webpersonal.uma.es/de/ibp/index.htm