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PhD position in Music Cognition


PhD candidate in Music Cognition -- Deadline: 1 September 2010

The PhD student will take part in the Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam (CSCA) research programme The role of neural plasticity in conscious perception. This programme consists of three intertwined projects addressing the following three questions: 

            • Does consciousness require synaptic plasticity?
            • Does perceptual learning depend on consciousness and not on attention?
            • Does conscious perception depend on previous learning of image statistics?

The PhD project will mainly contribute to the second question by studying hierarchical time perception in music. In addition, the project will be concerned with the computational modeling of the temporal aspects of music (such as rhythm, timing, and tempo) and the role of perception, attention, expectation and memory in music cognition. Next to computational modeling, we will use brain imaging techniques to identify global neural correlates of rhythm perception.

Detailed information on the research programme, and how to apply, is available at: