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Testing whether some humans can hear high frequencies inaudible to "normal" humans

Perhaps the first test is of the adults' hearing. If the child is (say) between 5 and 7, the parents would be in their late-20s to early 40s. This generation has been exposed to abusive sound pressure levels for 20-30 years. Maybe their threshold of hearing is around 40dB with upper frequency response of 7 kHz. There are people on this list who see this every day, and could probably let us know the rate of increase in the past two decades.

I have had classes (with 17 - 22 year olds) who winced and complained about 15-18kHz signals which I could barely detect. As a child, I too had hyper-sensitive hearing and would often be woken by "the lions roaring in my ears" -- my circulatory system.