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Re: Fwd: recordings of screaming children?

Has this nice patient also tinnitus?



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Subject: [phonography] recordings of screaming children?

Hello all,
sorry for the extremely random nature of this post... my Dad is a GP and just sent me this email:


I have a charming patient with chronic pain in his neck arms and shoulders with no releif from neurosurgery who has found that he gets extra-ordinary releif from the sound of screaming children. In the absence of progress with the pain clinics and the neurosurgeon he is keen to explore the "sound therapy" avenue further.


I know it is a bit strange and random but as an arthritis patient myself, I can understand the craziness of being in constant pain and the need for relief... and perhaps even the outlet that the sound of full-on screaming might provide? I am intrigued that sound may play a part in easing this man's pain, but I have no idea where I may find screaming recordings, and it's not the easiest thing to either explain or set up since it poses a few ethical problems, and maybe not everyone would be sympathetic to the idea.

I thought I would consult you open-minded folks to see if you had any views or ideas about where I could find such recordings, or how I could set something like this up, and whether or not any of you have been approached with similar requests...

Any leads on finding recordings of screaming children greatly appreciated...

Cheers, F

I would be interested in hearing from the AUDITORY community as to why this form of therapy [would] work[s].