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Book announcement (paperback)

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Music, Language, and the Brain (2008, Oxford
Univ. Press) is now available in paperback.

Thanks to Oxford Univ. Press, a 20% discount is available at the OUP-USA
website (using sales promo code 28822) and at the OUP-UK website (using
promotion code ampromo10).

Aimed at researchers, the book explores the relationship between music and
language from the standpoint of cognitive neuroscience.  It is meant to be
accessible to scholars from a range of disciplines including cognitive
science, linguistics, music theory, and ethnomusicology.

List of chapters:

1.	Introduction
2.	Sound Elements: Pitch and Timbre
3.	Rhythm
4.	Melody
5.	Syntax
6.	Meaning
7.	Evolution

NB: for those with a special interest in evolution, an updated essay is here:

Sound examples for the book are here:  http://www.oup.com/us/patel


Ani Patel

Aniruddh D. Patel, Ph.D.
Esther J. Burnham Senior Fellow
The Neurosciences Institute
10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive
San Diego, CA 92121