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Re: Rationale for Critical Bands

"The 1988 quotes" show nothing but the authors' opinions, which you were so much interested in. Relevant for science, of course, are not opinions but data. For this reason I told you:

Here you find many neuronal tuning curves which show you a level independence over large level ranges.

Unfortunately I cannot send figures on this list, but you can download the Ehret and Merzenich (1988) and see the tuning curves. Average neuronal tuning data from the ICC that you have pointed at are of little use, because behavior and function of neurons in this nucleus varies greatly. There is no other way than looking at single neuron data. Sorry.

Again, Ehret and Merzenich did not yet observe that the neuronal tuning data corresponded quantitatively to the behavioral CB data. Rather, they found that the neuronal tuning data corresponded qualitatively to the behavioral CB data. They only suggested a quantitative correspondence. For an answer to this question we needed data from multi-electrode recordings in the ICC. These data were collected, in huge quantities, by Langner and Schreiner, also in the 1980s. But only during the 1990s did these authors carry out the calculations that revealed the quantitative correspondence between the neuronal and the behavioral CB data.

You also might like to know that recently the CB related observation in the cat were fully replicated in the rat. This is a paper that you can even download for free, in pdf and html:


Thank you for the discussion.


Martin Braun
Neuroscience of Music
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I'm still unclear on Ehret's point of view on
this critical band in ICC and its level
dependence or not.  The 1988 quotes don't clarify
a lot.