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FW: Job Available: Audio DSP Algorithm Developer

Dear List,

Forwarding on behalf of a colleague who was having trouble sending the
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Scott Pennock

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From: Shree Paranjpe
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 5:48 PM
To: AUDITORY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Job Available: Audio DSP Algorithm Developer

Dear List -- our Vancouver team has a job opening for an Audio DSP
Algorithm Developer. If you, or someone you know, might be interested,
see the job description below. Please note that resumes should be sent
to qnxresumes@xxxxxxx, and not directly to me. 

-- Shree

VACANCY: 		Software Developer (Full-time, Permanent)
DATE POSTED: 	June 2010
LOCATION: 		Vancouver, BC

Would you like to create new and exciting technologies?  Do you have a
background in audio signal processing and experience in embedded
software development?  Then we're interested in hearing from you.    

QNX Software Systems Co., (recently acquired by Research In Motion RIM
from Harman International) is looking for someone to join the Vancouver
team as a full-time Software Developer for audio/DSP algorithms.    Our
team is a leader in providing software that enhances speech in noisy,
real world environments such as the automobile or conference room.   

You must be comfortable wearing many hats and able to work in a changing
environment.  Your projects will be dynamic and interesting,
appropriately based on your skill level, and aligned with company goals
and priorities.  As you gain experience with our technologies and market
space, we anticipate you will take on new responsibilities.

Your position will primarily focus on:

* Research and development of new algorithms (using Matlab and/or C/C++)
including filing invention reports, disclosures, and possibly patent
* Algorithm implementation, performance analysis, porting to fixed-point
arithmetic and optimization
* Maintenance and extension of existing code using C/C++ and C#
* Testing and automated test development
* Objective and subjective quality improvements
* Subjective testing, listening and recording

Education & Must Have Skills:
* Minimum Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or
* Strong background in audio signal processing and/or acoustics
* 5 years or more experience in software development using C / C++, with
embedded experience an asset.
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
* High degree of motivation and ability to work both independently and
in a team environment.

Additional Assets:
* Experience with Matlab, MathCad, or other mathematical modeling
* Experience in fixed-point arithmetic and ability to efficiently
convert/port algorithms from floating point to fixed-point.
* Experience programming Windows based GUIs.
* Experience with multi-threaded applications. 
* Development of a commercially released embedded-systems product.
* Experience with critical audio listening.
* Experience with CVS, SVN, or other version control system.

If you're interested in the rewards of working in a team-oriented work
atmosphere with state of the art technologies, challenging projects and
the brightest people in the field, then we'd like to meet you!

Please send your detailed resume and cover letter to qnxresumes@xxxxxxxx

We thank all applicants in advance for taking the time to express
interest in working for our company.    Due to the volume of applicants,
we will only be able to respond personally to those candidates selected
for an interview.