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Re: changing a sound signal while listening to it

Dear Daniel,

try SoundmexPro: http://www.soundmexpro.de/ --> there is a free trial
mode with full functinality and it works in Matlab as you were asking

I have done similar things with changing signals online and listening to
it at the same time (with a very short delay of course) - it worked fine...

Best regards,

Daniel Bowling schrieb am 10.08.2010 04:32Uhr:
> Dear List,
> I am trying to create a piece of software that will allow a subject to
> change the beat frequency and amplitude of a signal while listening to
> it in real time. 
> More specifically, the signal will consist of two pure tones (e.g. T1 +
> T2), and the difference between them (T2 - T1) as well as the root mean
> square amplitude will be under the control of the subject via the keyboard.
> I have tried to execute this in Matlab using a loop, the problem is that
> the sound stops and then starts again at the beginning of each loop
> iteration.
> Can anyone suggest a way this might be implemented on a computer? Or
> perhaps just a suitable programming language?
> Thanks,
> Dan Bowling

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