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Job Available: Senior Research Engineer in Virtual Acoustic Musical Instrument Synthesis

Zenph Sound Innovations, Inc. is a software company based out of the
Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina which seeks to understand, and
re-create human musical performance behavior.

We are now hiring for a senior research position in synthesis.  You may find
the whole description here:

As well as a link to other available positions:

If interested, please send a CV and cover letter to ZenphJobs@xxxxxxxxx

Here is the text of the position letter:
Job Title:  Senior Research Engineer, Virtual Acoustic Musical Instrument

Job Description and Key Responsibilities
You will research, develop and implement new sound-synthesis algorithms for
a variety of acoustic musical instruments, based on novel strategies that
merge physical modeling and sample-based technologies.  The context of this
work will be to accurately re-create the performances of specific musicians,
achieving the utmost sonic quality and fidelity to the musician?s intent. 
Initial development efforts will focus on string and reed instruments,
plucked strings most immediately, and will proceed in close collaboration
with experts in articulatory gesture modeling for music performance as well
as experts in music production.  The ideal candidate will have an intimate
knowledge, for any particular instrument, of what aspects of its acoustic
model are most important to convey musical meaning and expressivity in the
synthesis result.

Thrive in a fun, fast-paced, and informal working environment?  To this end
you should be highly self-directed, yet capable of forming close
collaborative working relationships.  Excellent oral and written
communication skills are a must.

Required Qualifications
Strong record of research innovation in physical modeling synthesis with
digital waveguides for acoustic musical instruments, with a particular focus
on string and reed instruments.
Proven focus on the sonic and musically expressive qualities of the
synthesis result.
Excellent mathematical and audio DSP abilities.
Excellent C++ coding skills for cross-platform development.
Extensive familiarity with music recording and production software (e.g.,
Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, ProTools), especially in terms of
integrating custom audio/MIDI/OSC processing capabilities (e.g., CoreAudio
plug-ins; Max/MSP patches) and interfacing with new gestural controllers.
Demonstrated outstanding ability to perform innovative and significant
research in the form of technical papers, theses, or patents.
Ability to collaborate with expert consultants for specific musical
instruments when needed and manage the integration of their work into the
core technology

Desired Qualifications
A working familiarity with gesture acquisition systems involving capacitive
sensors, accelerometers/gyroscopes, and low-cost motion capture.
Research experience in music cognition and performance behavior,
specifically enactive and ecological approaches.
Familiarity with source-filter (model-residual) decompositions and
applications in analysis-based sound transformation.
Experience with database programming for managing audio resources.

Education Requirements
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field, with
a research focus on computer music and musical acoustics.

This is a full-time position, working in Research Triangle Park in North
Carolina.  Excellent pay, stock options, and competitive benefits.  Remote
work and part-time situations may be considered.

Interested?  Contact us at: ZenphJobs@xxxxxxxxx