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Re: sources of unfamiliar music?

Dear Jesscia,

maybe you'll find something on www.jamendo.org - that music comes with cc-licenses, so downloading is free and possible: You can search the website for genres, and I don't think the average "western" listener will know titels, albums, or artists. Also statistics are provided, so you can make sure a certain song/album/artist is not that popular.

If you use the latest version of amarok, you can search jamendo from within the audio player.

All the best,

On 13.08.2010 16:46, Jessica Grahn wrote:
Dear list,
I would appreciate any pointers for places to find/purchase/download
unfamiliar music. That is, music that fits within typical Western genres
(rock/pop, classical, jazz, electronic), but the majority of which is
unlikely to have been heard by the average European or North American
listener. Perhaps such a database of such music might exist already, or
maybe someone knows a particularly fruitful online source of unheard-of
bands and composers?

Many thanks,

Wolfgang Dreier
Mohrstr. 3/1
A-5020 Salzburg