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Fulbright Research Chair at CIRMMT, McGill University

Fulbright Research Chairs in Education, Arts and Science 
Award 1484 

McGill University 
For applications in: Science and Technology of Music 
Specializations: Music psychology, music technology, psychoacoustics, multi-sensory integration, motion capture and music control, sound synthesis and sound source modeling, contemporary music performance and compositional techniques, and shared and virtual reality research, including the possibility of applications in the creative arts in all areas. 
Comments: The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) has established itself as one of the major centers of excellence in the science and technology of music, with a unique combination of scientists, technologists and artists working in collaborative projects. CIRMMT includes Quebec researchers in science, engineering, medicine and music from three institutions: McGill University, the University of Montreal and the University of Sherbrooke. The interdisciplinary research relevant to the creation, transmission and perception of music and sound is facilitated by new infrastructure in the Schulich School of Music, consisting of state of the art laboratories and studios integrated via a high-speed digital network and housed in a newly constructed building. Contact: Olga Naiberguer, Associate Director, International Programs, olga.naiberguer@xxxxxxxxx 

Please note that the deadline for applications for a Fulbright Research Chair at CIRMMT have been extended until September 30. This position is available to US researchers. Note that the  areas of research specialization have been defined very broadly in an attempt to attract researchers with a wide variety of backgrounds.

The application form can be accessed here:


A general overview of this award can be seen here:


A more detailed description of CIRMMT's position is available in the following document: