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New platform-independence for auditory modelling using Matlab

It is now possible to use the development system for auditory modelling
(DSAM) in Matlab on earlier as well as the latest versions of Matlab,
and without any compiling.

The Development System for Auditory Modelling (DSAM) is a computational 

library designed specifically for producing time-sampled auditory system

It brings together many established auditory models under a flexible
programming platform; DSAM includes five different auditory nerve models
(published, 1986-2007), neural cell models, including an efficient
implementation of the Hodgkin-Huxley formalism, many utility and
analysis facilities, threaded parallel processing for accelerated
operation on multi-core systems as well as allowing input/output support
for most sound file formats.

The new “RunDSAMSimJ” interface uses Java technology to allow DSAM
simulations a plug-and-play platform independence not hitherto possible.
Using RunDSAMSimJ DSAM simulations are run as a Matlab command.
Information is transferred directly to and from simulations and there is
full access to model parameter setting and other simulation controls.
The interface is available as a single, platform-independent Windows
installation which has been tested on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems,
(XP/ Vista).

See the “Applications” link at


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