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Need feedback on Thesis - Music in Images


My name is Arjun Gupta, I am doing my Masters in Digital Media from Drexel University, Philadelphia PA. 

I have a thesis called Music in Images and it is based on algorithmic music composition from digital images. It presents an approach where visual art (or visual data) is transformed into music art (or sound data) through the application of an algorithmic filter. 

The application of my project is viewable online and I am looking to get viewpoint from psychologists (and/or general public) regarding the application of this project in the field of psychology, for exploring relationships between images, computer generated music and human emotional interpretation. 

Please read through my project description and view my project. I would deeply appreciate your response on this. 

Here is the information about my project: 

Project description and Application info: 
This project presents a new approach towards algorithmic music composition where the music is composed using the pixel values of digital images. 

Designed for use with abstract images, the project makes use of image data, such as: pixel Color, Saturation, Brightness, and qualities like: Overall Image Brightness, Color Variation and Prominent Colors. 

Each of the above properties contribute towards composition of the music. The song attributes controlled by them include: Melody generation, Durations, Cord Generation, Chord Progression, Tempo,Scale and Transposition. 

The theory behind the translation of image attributes to music attributes is based on previous works done in the field of psychology, in the topic: perceptual associations of audio frequency and music modes with hue, saturation and brightness. In addition to this, there are certain translation techniques which are based on my artistic sense. 

The analogy for Image to Music translation used here is: 

Pixels : Similar Color regions : Overall Image 
Notes : Chords : Scale 

Here is the link to the online application: 


Thank you, 
Arjun Gupta