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Re: Loud music / Lady Gaga

hi everyone,

just to throw in a little bit of interesting knowledge here -- Lady Gaga has her moments when it comes to musical materials, for example, many of her songs seem to sit on a minor chord during the verses, and then switch modes during the chorus. granted, not too interesting in the grand space of tonal design, but it does create something of a tonal ambiguity which would appear to match many of the other ambigious things about her in general:

"Bad Romance"
Verse:  Am
Chorus:  F G Am C / F G E Am

and at least it has a secondary dominant in it :)

there is much to be said about her.  check out:


i think it's important to remember that popular music (rock or whatever you want to call it) has never been about musical complexity -- to me, it's about execution. how is it arranged? what are the lyrics? are we supposed to dance? etc. etc. If pop music were the same as concert hall music, without most of the extramusical things that make it "cool", life would be pretty boring!



On Fri, 24 Sep 2010, alex olsen wrote:
The first part of your post is a very interesting piece of music
history -- a very interesting read. I would though have to echo
Bruno's comment about the current diversity in music (although I've
not sure I'd argue that Gaga is as sophisticated as the Beach Boys,
but then again I'm not so into the sophistication debate in music
anyway). :-)

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