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Dissonance with integration?

Thank you.

As I understand it, the first level of nerves from cochlea to brain are something like the telephone wires that run by my house. Do they interpret the impulses or [simply] transmit them?

Perhaps you have provided a wonderful operational definition of music, "Look at a brain working to know whether what you hear is music or noise."

The discussion, as I see it, is about the "limits" of music (or what 'music' is to begin with ...). My experience is that a single five-letter word is inadequate to encapsulate the depth and breadth of human experience regarding "music" -- but I can only speak for myself.

When my brain is able to order material (extract order from material), my experience may be different from when my brain is not able to extract order. My experience has been that presented with the same stream of auditory information enough times, I will begin to detect order in it. I get pleasure from working out the relationships between the 'ideas' I perceive, and like to develop models of hierarchical inter-relationships between sounds. This is what many composers do however. Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJkaw_Vwz0Y start at 2:45.

Dissonance only with integration?


I'm not sure what would make a memory chip happy or sad.

On 2010, Sep 25, at 1:58 PM, Martin Braun wrote:

> Dear Kevin and others,
> "Perception, you see, is a cultural phenomenon, and is based upon learning
> and memory."
> No, I do not see. Perception is what the nerves do. The same applies to learning and memory. The memory chip in an i-pod is equally happy with noise and music. A system of neurons is not. It is a myth that noise and music is equally interesting for a brain. Look at a brain's works and you will see why.
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> Perception, you see, is a cultural phenomenon, and is based upon learning
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