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Re: Loud music - examples

On Mon, 27 Sep 2010, Van Besouw R.M. wrote:

> I think it would be a sad day if every store, restaurant and bar were
> silent. Re: outdoor concert - surely people like me go to these to be
> 'bombarded' with music ;-)

Are there any studies on music listening habits of people? For me,
"background listening" does not exist. I either concentrate on the music
or on what I'm doing. That is, in a store I simply ingore the music - or
find it annoying at most. But for my girlfriend, listening to music is
always parallel with some activity such as cooking. She said she couldn't
do what I'm doing: sitting in a chair with headphones on and eyes closed.
Is it a gender difference (i.e. women can concentrate on more things at
the same time), or is there any other general thing that can be said in
this respect?

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